Restoring Body Chemistry To Homeostasis by Natural Means

High Cholesterol? Low Calcium?

Restoring Body Chemistry To Homeostasis by Natural Means

When a "chem panel" blood test is performed, the report shows several body chemistry results. It is important that all of these chemicals are not only within the normal clinical range but are balanced with each other. In my practice, the goal is to have results in a homeostatic range with all of the chemistries working together, allowing optimal health rather than only keeping it inside the clinical range. When results start to be outside the latter, we start to have concerns with real pathology.

Many people don't realize that body chemistry can be successfully restored to healthy optimal values with natural, safe nutritional supplements. These supplements make available to the body the chemicals it needs to thrive. This is when we feel good with enough energy and brightness to fully enjoy life. These chemical changes can also be demonstrated by follow-up blood test.

An example of this is low calcium stores. Every cell in the body needs calcium to function. If the store becomes low, changes occur that start pulling calcium from the bones. So, vital functions can be maintained but bone density will be decreased eventually leading to osteoporosis. When the calcium blood stores are increased to an optimal range by taking the individualized correct forms and amounts of calcium along with other needed nutrients, the blood chemistry is balanced and the bone density is restored.

Cholesterol levels, high triglycerides, high or low sugar, and other dangerous chemical imbalances can be restored to homeostatic ranges just as effectively and safely by nutritional supplements.

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